Credit Where Credit Is Due: Silicon Valley Protests


By Wim Dodson


Normally mute Silicon Valley got up on its hind legs this past weekend in collective anger with the White Houses executive order blocking travelers from seven countries that are ostensibly Muslim. The title of a New York Times article says it all: Silicon Valleys Ambivalence Toward Trump Turns to Anger


The article discusses the disbelief and disgust tech employees and titans expressed at DCs unilateral move, which could be illegal and unconstitutional. It is certainly un-American, given that immigrants and their ancestors founded the society.


Nevertheless, hats off to Microsoft, AirBnB, Twitter and Lyft, among other high-profile tech companies to band together to agitate against the immigration block. Even Googles Sergey Brin, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, personally protested this past weekend at the San Francisco International Airport.


Brin represents the sort of Silicon Valley success story that brings so many immigrants to the United States. Given that there are so many countries that turn out very bright individuals whose home countries do not have the economic opportunities to support their genius, America has always presented itself as the one place an immigrant could be assured he could make his mark in his or her field.


Perhaps the same cannot be said for homegrown women and minorities when it comes to hiring practices in Silicon Valley; however, the tech hub may actually become more active on resolving diversity issues once DC settles the immigration issue in line with constitutional obligations.


Still, Trumps move is a slap in the face of a defining feature of the American experience. And of its mythology.


Personally, I deleted my account from Uber, as part of the #deleteUber movement. The movement has prompted thousands of Uber customers to cut end their relationship with Uber. I have always found the company, its founder and its attitude toward its drivers arrogant. Perhaps this is the moment of its comeuppance.


The PayPal founder Peter Thiel is no apologist when it comes to his support for the Administration.


What hashtag would be most appropriate to light a fire under Thiel’s arse?



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