LGBT Workplace Rights: One Boardroom at a Time



By EmployDiversity


The LGBT Weekly recently announced that Out & Equal Workplace Advocates is this week sponsoring a conference an executive forum on LGBT workplace issues. The two-day conference began on March 28, 017. Since 1996 [????] Out & Equal Workplace Advocates have been starting with the boardroom to promote LGBT respect and rights in the workplace.


Selisse Berry, Founder and CEO of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, observed, “Our country is stronger when we treat all workers equally under the law.”


The Weekly cites, “When Out & Equal started in 1996, four percent of Fortune 500 companies welcomed LGB people with inclusive policies – today that number stands at 92 percent. Yet in 30 states, LGBT people can still be fired for who we are or who we love.”


Some of the heavy-weight corporations at the event include:

  • Ken Janssens, Managing Director, Global Technology, J.P. Morgan.
  • George A. Kalogridis, President of Walt Disney World Resort. Kalogridis, Walt Disney World’s first openly gay president, has made great strides to support LGBT leaders locally in Florida and across the globe.
  • Selisse Berry, Founder and CEO, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates.


EmployDiversity looks forward to reporting on the forum’s findings.



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