How to Write An Interview Followup Letter

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By Wim Dodson

Diverse professionals need to use every opportunity at hand to stand out from mainstream job candidates. And if the opportunities do not present themselves, diverse candidates need to be resourceful and create the openings that will highlight their capabilities and contributions.

One of the most often overlooked platforms from which to shine during the interview process is the interview letter. The interview followup letter can make or break your opportunity to work with an organization. It is an essential part of your job hunting toolbox.

Some people speak with well in person. They can use this letter to reemphasize critical points they had covered with the hiring supervisor. They can also remind the hiring supervisor of the excellent points about the candidate. The interview followup letter is key to promoting a candidate. It will almost certainly make the applicant memorable.

The following sample interview followup letter gives an idea of how to construct one:


I wish to thank you for the comprehensive picture you painted of Acme Pest Control’s requirements for the job of HR Manager. The time I invested talking with you today offered me a clear view of your /operation and your work environment.

I left our meeting feeling even more passionate about the scope of responsibilities and how closely it matched my capabilities. I believe the key strengths that I can offer you are:

  • Experience in dealing with individuals of all types and backgrounds through my education, experience, and training.

  • Proven capability to support operation of a company at a profit.

  • Monitor and train personnel, assist in activities that bolster morale and engage successfully with both staff and customers.

  • Excellent interpersonal abilities -- especially the ability to receive feedback and adapt accordingly.

With my attention to detail, people skills, and determination to produce the best results for the company, I believe I’ll be able to contribute a great deal to the company.

I welcome a possibility to meet with you further to elaborate on my background and how I may be able to contribute to your organization.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Best regards,

Tiberius Gracchus


Write the letter in an upbeat and favorable style. In sales, most effective salespeople follow up meetings to close deals. This is no different. Think like a top sales professional!

The letter manages the vacuum that occurs post-interview and steers hiring considerations to the candidate’s favorable sides. The points highlight what would make the candidate appear valuable to the company. Also, by using a followup letter, an applicant is not just "talking the talk," but "walking the walk." They are showing that by using a savvy sales technique they can sell a project, sell a product or service, sell their colleagues, and sell the company itself.

Most candidates fail to use an interview followup letter after an interview. A well considered message shows that the applicant is diligent, thoughtful, intelligent, and the sort of individual the company requires.

Following up is smart business.