Job Search Like an Executive

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By Wim Dodson


Job boards like are an amazing resource with which to search for your next position. Even executives use job boards to connect directly with companies or with agents who have special connections with hiring managers.

However, executives take their job searches a few steps further than less experienced job seekers. Executives make use of resources others may not even consider, but which are readily available.


Build Your Network

Your networks are an invaluable part of your job search. Not only does a large network of people help you cast a wider net in your job search, these people also know you and can recommend you. They know why you’re great and can sing your praises. A recommendation from a trusted friend or colleague is more meaningful than any of the great skills or experience on your resume. Once you have a strong network, not only do you need to keep it, but you continuously need to grow it. Industry events, seminars, and associations are a great way to meet new people who may hold the key to your next job opportunity.


Write Introductory Letters

One way to impress a potential employer is to craft a letter that focuses on them and how you can help them solve a problem or issue. Unlike a resume, this type of introduction focuses on your potential employer. To do this effectively, you need to have an intimate understanding of the business, its challenges, and how you are the best person to help them tackle the issues.

Who can help you with getting to know the business and the key decision makers? Your network. Before crafting your letter, tap into your network and see who can broker an introduction or provide you with some key information about the company.


Be Creative

If you are struggling to find your dream job, think more creatively. What about considering a temporary consulting position? Consulting positions can be an open door to longer-term opportunities. They may also allow you to gain new experience and skills. Just think about how many jobs go unadvertised because the “temporary” consultant does an amazing job and gets hired full-time. That could be you. A great opportunity does not necessarily have to be a full-time, permanent job.

Leverage your networks, business knowledge, and creativity to find your next dream job. Complement your use of job boards to make your next job search more efficient, fruitful, and perhaps even gratifying.




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