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Women Shaking Up the Sports World

The acceptance of women’s sports has created a huge opportunity for female athletes to have a very public voice and bring attention to issues like equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

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3 Apps Breaking Down Barriers for Women in the Workplace

Workplace diversity, or a lack thereof, is an issue that many companies struggle with. Women in technical or leadership roles, in particular, are far outnumbered by their male counterparts in most companies. Solving this issue requires employers to make a major shift in how they recruit, hire, support, and promote women.

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How Women Can Manage the Impostor Syndrome

Many highly successful women battle with self-doubt. They secretly think that their success is due to luck, that they’re not qualified for the positions they hold, or that they’re failing at their job. These beliefs are unfounded and inaccurate and are symptoms of imposter syndrome.

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