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Tips for Men: How to Navigate #MeToo in the Workplace

#MeToo has left many men questioning their behaviour in the workplace and how they should be interacting with their female colleagues. In the post-#MeToo world, many men are less comfortable working with women and have trepidations when it comes to their professional relationships with female colleagues.

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How Small Businesses Can Build Diversity Programs

Being a small start-up in a market of established players can be a huge challenge.  Smaller companies are constantly challenged to find ways to pull customers away from bigger brand name competitors. One way to gain a competitive edge is through workplace diversity.

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How to Deal with Microaggressions at Work

A positive company culture where diversity is celebrated can motivate and inspire employees while a non-inclusive culture can marginalize diverse individuals and groups. This can create a toxic environment where harassment, intimidation, and offensive behaviours go unchecked.

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