Chat Room Policy


Don't harass other users with threats, unwanted sexual comments or anything else inflammatory or that might make them uncomfortable.


Allow all users to make comments and ask questions. Don't try to take control of the room by flooding it with your own entries.


Don't type the same sentence, word or phrase into the chat room over and over again. This is called "scrolling" and is heavily frowned upon by chat room users and hosts.


Avoid direct confrontations with rude users. Report disruptive users to the chat host, if a host is available. Or send an email to .


Avoid typing in all caps. IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO READ FOR A LONG TIME. It is the Internet equivalent to shouting. It is alright to occasionally express a single word in CAPS; however, more than that and you’re breaching internet etiquette (netiquette) guidelines.


Avoid using the phrase 'A/S/L' or its variations. ASL is a common greeting asking for a person’s age/sex/location. However, it is considered rude and unnecessary to inquire about a person’s offline presence. If you want to know something about a person, engage them in online conversation first, then -- perhaps -- ask about their life in the real world.