Latinas in Tech Break Through Barriers

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This month the EmployDiversity Network (EDN) Newsletter celebrates National Hispanic American Heritage Month

We have an article about the Latinas in Tech networking group, and offer video resources with tips for Hispanic women working in the sector. 

We also provide insights into managing the largest cohort of employees to enter the workplace since the Baby Boomers made it ok to wear bell-bottom pants to work.

Our article Latinas in Tech Break Through Barriers profiles the beginnings of the largest non-profit organization supporting Hispanic women who make their careers in the technology sector.  

Friends Gretel Perera and Rocío Medina are successful Latina technology leaders in their own right. 

Through relaxed meetups at local Happy Hours, they compared notes about the challenges and obstacles to attaining positions of great responsibility at leading tech companies. 

Now their organization, Latinas in Tech, supports over 3,500 members throughout the United States and Mexico. 

Read the origin story and how they’ve helped hundreds of Hispanic women find their voices in a highly competitive sector. 

We’ve placed a video featuring Perera and Medina in the Resources section of EDN

They discuss in the video their vision for their organization, the fundamental operating principles of the group, and the ways in which Latinas in Tech has already helped Hispanic women advance in the tech sector.

You’ll also find a new video in the Resources section that provides tips to Latinas who want to get ahead in Tech.

And how prepared is your organization for the influx of Millennials into your organization? 

If you haven’t experienced the phenomenon yet, know that nearly half of all employees in the American workplace will be Millenials before the end of 2020. 

5 Tips to Smoothly Integrate Millennials into the Workplace provides insights into the group’s worldview and how Diversity Managers can ease their integration into established corporate cultures. 

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