Women Shaking Up the Sports World


This month the EmployDiversity Network (EDN) Newsletter kicks back during the dog days of Summer to enjoy some sports … through the lens of diversity and inclusion, of course. 

Our article Women Shaking Up the Sports World opens, “With interest in women’s sports growing every year, public exposure for female athletes could hardly be greater. Both the general public and the sports industry are becoming more supportive of women in sport and the pay equity that they deserve. The audience for women’s sports is greater than ever before and media and sponsorship coverage continues to increase…”

The piece profiles athletes Layshia Clarendon, a popular Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), and Ada Hegerberg. 

Hegerberg is one of the world’s greatest soccer players and refused to play in the 2019 World Cup for her home country of Norway because of the lack of payment parity between men’s and women’s leagues. Meanwhile, Clarendon is using her athletic star power to highlight LGBTQ causes and issues of social justice.

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In the post Corporate Sponsorship and Women in Sports, EDN takes a look at how the number and sizes of corporate sponsorship packages for women are gradually growing. Women’s sports is finally gaining its day in the sun and individual women professionals are publicly discussing the lack of equal pay in sports in general. The article talks about some of the companies backing women in as big a way as they are male athletes.

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Simma Lieberman, a past contributor to EDN, has her own awesome podcast program. It’s called Race Conversations. She is the Principal of The Inclusionist, at Simma Lieberman Associates. The Inclusionist is “a human resources practice that creates inclusive cultures where employees love to do their best work.”

The podcast program is called Raceconvo, where listeners can hear “Every Day Conversations on Race for Every Day People.” The latest topic is, “Millennials: Racist. Color Blind or Woke?” We thought the subject of this episode was so great we included a link to it in our Resources Library. 

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