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Many more of your diverse staff may be feeling marginalized in the workplace than you realize. The Team was recently (and pleasantly) surprised when we discovered our blog post about the topic appeared #4 in Google’s search rankings about the topic. 

It seems a significant number of employees feel like they’re always getting the cold shoulder at work. Some may feel they’re getting passed over for opportunities in favor of colleagues who seem less qualified and experienced than them. And though it’s easy to blame discrimination, employees can become marginalized or ostracized for various reasons – some of which they themselves may be contributing to. 

Read our article “Feeling Marginalized At Work? Here’s What You Can Do” to find out what you can suggest to staff who believe they are being sidelined in the workplace, 

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And check out Simma Lieberman’s podcast series, “Everyday Conversations on Race for Everyday People.” The series provides a platform for two guests from different backgrounds to share stories, thoughts on race, perspectives on current social issues and pop culture happenings.

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