How to Address Equal Pay Issues in the Workplace


“When an employee approaches you as a Human Resources Manager or Executive with a concern about pay equity, you should be able to reassure them that the company offers equal pay for equal work. At so many companies, however, that is simply not true. Working toward salary equity requires more than just workplace policies. It requires an acknowledgment of the issue, a change in processes, and a unified effort to fix it…”

The EmployDiversityNetwork’s (EDN) articles highlighted this month address equal pay issues between men and women. For instance, How to Address Equal Pay Issues in the Workplace discusses four points Diversity and Human Resources Managers should take into consideration when addressing Equal Pay policies in their organizations:

Understand Your Numbers - know what the salary benchmarks for your industry

Review Your Policies - take a clear-eyed look at what is working and what is not

Ensure Leadership Buy-in - it’s the tone at the top that ultimately matters

Keep Working At It - persevere in implementing fair wage practices

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EDN also provides women in the workplace a checklist they can use to address their concerns about being paid salaries on par with what men receive at their organizations. What Women Can Do to Get Equal Pay talks about a strategy women can use to open up discussions about salary parity with men. Important tactics the article touches on include:

Make Your Case - organize the facts and practice your presentation

Schedule The Meeting - take a deep breath

Keep An Open Mind - Rome wasn’t built in a day

Follow-Up - Keep the issue alive

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You can also read on EDN Women in Sports: Role Models for Life, by Sophia Arenas. Sophia is a basketball coach. The article discusses the imperative of developing more women athletes. It makes the point that the issue cannot be understated: women athletes inspire girls to expand their horizons beyond stereotypes and strengthen a society as a whole.

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