3 Apps Breaking Down Barriers for Women in the Workplace

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Whether sexual harassment, wage disparities, obstacles to promotion, or simply connecting with professionals of like mind, women have a plethora of hurdles to negotiate in the workplace. While some of the obstacles can be put down to organizational culture, others can be attributed to outdated views about women and their capabilities, unconscious bias, protecting conservative shareholder interests, and more.  

EmployDiversityNetwork’s (EDN) article 3 Apps Breaking Down Barriers for Women in the Workplace shows how tech and women entrepreneurs are working to dissolve the barriers to success for women in business. The blog post takes a look at Work Wide Women, Adalab, and PowerToFly, which aid women in improving their skills and connecting with other women to increase their chances for professional success.    

Disabled workers also have formidable challenges to meet. While federal regulations insist businesses must accommodate staff with disabilities, companies still have a lot of work to do to include the disabled in work-related activities and on teams. Read our article What the Disabled Can Do When They Feel Marginalized in the Workplace to help you advise and possibly aid disabled employees in your company.

And check out our article about the healthcare provider that consistently offers the high level of diversity and inclusion that is often talked about but seldom achieved. “Atlantic Health System is recognized not only as a leader in health care, but it is also considered a best in class organization for workplace diversity. The organization has been named 11 times on Fortune's prestigious list of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’. “Read more about Atlantic’s factors for success in our blog post Healthcare Providers with the Most Successful Diversity Programs

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