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Just because unemployment is at its lowest in 40 years, it doesn’t mean it’s easy for new graduates to land a job. Many Millenials still find it frustrating to find internships and real full-time positions. They may find themselves stuck in the “gig” economy, working precarious schedules with uncertain futures. They know they deserve a better employment path that leverages their hard-won (and often expensive) college educations; however, they are unsure of the first steps to take onto the full-employment ladder.   

The articles highlighted in this month’s EmployDiversityNetwork’s (EDN) were written for Diversity Managers to share with the young people within their circle of influence who are looking for a job. While the articles will not ensure employment, they will go some ways toward priming efforts and reducing the anxiety and disappointment around the job search process.

An important first step in crafting a career is winning an internship with a reputable organization. The article 3 Ways to Prepare for and Find Internships  provides budding Millennial job seekers with tips on how to approach and win coveted internships.    

Meanwhile, the most difficult part of searching for a job — especially for the first time — is dealing with unrelenting rejection. As Artificial Intelligence increasingly serves as the gatekeeper to face-to-face interviews and rejection comes in the form of silence, young job seekers are more vulnerable than ever before to give up the search completely. Preparing for No: How new grads can deal with rejection when seeking a new job provides some solid tips about what candidates can do to stay balanced, healthy, and focused during the down times.

And in our Resources section, you’ll find a video podcast hosted by the Financial Times that discusses how a lack of diversity and inclusion impacts corporate bottom-lines. It’s a fact: a more diverse workforce increases revenue and decreases operational costs. Check it out: Workplace diversity & equality: Is race and class discrimination hurting business? 

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