How Employers Can Advocate for LGBTx Equality in the Workplace

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Advances in societal norms, behaviors, and laws have made the modern workplace the most hospitable in history for LGBTx employees. Many companies understand that diversity is a key part of their success and are consciously making workplaces more accepting to LGBTx individuals. However, despite these changes, over 40% of LGBTx employees remain closeted in their workplaces and around their colleagues.  

EmployDiversityNetwork’s (EDN) article How Employers Can Advocate for LGBTx Equality in the Workplace that while employers have a responsibility to create an environment inclusive and accepting of all employees, there is much still to be done for LGBTx staff. The blog post presents four examples of how employers can help create an environment of inclusion and advocacy for LGBTx employees. 

We’ve written in the past about what employees who feel they’ve faced language discrimination in the workplace can do to address the issue. Language discrimination is considered to be discrimination based on national origin and is illegal under federal and most state laws. This month we take a look at what employers should consider about this sensitive concern in our article, “Language Discrimination: What Employers Should Know.” 

Also this month we spotlight a Harvard Business Review article “Why LGBT Employees Need Workplace Allies” in our Resources section. The piece cites, “By joining internal employee resource groups or participating in LGBT fundraisers or philanthropic endeavors, they were able to mingle with senior leaders they might otherwise never have met and leverage those relationships.” The article finds that organizational networks that become more inclusive of LGBTx staff are not only more productive, but are good for the bottom lines of enterprises, too.

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