Tips for Men: How to Navigate #MeToo in the Workplace

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Men in the workplace are finding themselves in new, unfamiliar territory. The old habits that some men have exercised during business hours are no longer acceptable: dirty jokes, sharing pornography with “the guys”, patronizing attitudes, and other divisive behaviors are increasingly -- and publicly -- being called into question by men and women alike.

EmployDiversityNetwork’s (EDN) article Tips for Men: How to Navigate #MeToo in the Workplace provides a roadmap of practices that may aid men in engaging women with respect in the office place. 

Technology has infiltrated diversity hiring and management. Now there are apps to aid interviewers, apps to improve the inclusivity of job postings, apps to improve staff Emotional Quotients (EQ). EDN offers our picks for Top 8 Apps for Workplace Diversity

And check out “Dealing with Outdated Family Leave Policies,” a topic that is trending strongly on Google. During an age in which men and women are trying to balance their roles at work and at home, the lack of federal regulation to support families puts stress on workers and organizations alike. Find out what you can do as an HR manager to help staff during their most trying personal times.

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