The 6 Best Practices to Improve Gender Diversity on Boards


Women’s representation on Boards of organizations is still contentious in the United States. While women hold 19 percent of the board positions in America, they hold over 30 percent in European nations like France, Norway, and Sweden, in which voluntary or legislative targets are set up. That said, some innovative companies are taking the lead, searching for board members in areas and bring them on board in brand new ways.

Many believe they still have a considerable way to go, however their encounters are salutary for the ones which are lagging behind and wish to better know how to make change happen. McKinsey, the consulting company, analyzed companies in the S&P 500 to recognize organizations in the United States leading the diversification of their Boards.

The report showed that women inhabited at least 33% of board seats among the top 50 companies in the S&P. In general, representation on these boards has increased on average by 24 percentage points since 2005.

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