Millennials: Racist. Color Blind or Woke?


In Simma Lieberman's podcast, Simma asks questions of her young interviewees like:
- Are Millennials less racist than other generations?

  • What do people from Africa have in common with African-Americans?

  • What generation is most in denial about racism?

  • What’s it like to be the only Black person in your class?

Her guests in the podcast are Mary-Lou Milabu, a millennial black Christian woman, whose family is from Congo, and Sara Bierman, a millennial white Jewish woman from California who is also a lesbian. Both women share their experience and views on race, racism, and perspectives on white privilege.

SIMMA LIEBERMAN is the Principal of The Inclusionist, a human resources practice of Simma Lieberman Associates. She is also a guest contributor to For over 25 years, she has been helping leaders build cultures that last from startup to scale. She is an award-winning consultant, speaker, and executive coach. Simma has written three books on diversity and inclusion and one on resilience.

She is based in Berkeley, California, and can be reached at