Women, Stop Apologizing in the Workplace

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It’s well-documented that women tend to apologize more in the workplace than men do. In male-dominated business contexts, the habit projects a sense of weakness, indecisiveness, and an inability to assert oneself. Of course, while women consider apologizing to be just good manners, men take apologies as confirmation women colleagues lack the qualities to be leaders.  

EmployDiversityNetwork’s (EDN) article Women, Stop Apologizing in the Workplace provides guidelines on how to recognize how coworkers perceive apologizing in the workplace, how the practice can decelerate career progression, and how to turn the tables to gain the respect and responsibility women deserve in business.  

Meanwhile, EDN is continuing its effort to break down barriers for women and other diverse professionals to succeed through its blog post How Women Can Manage the Impostor Syndrome. Michelle Obama’s blockbuster autobiography has bared Imposter Syndrome as a major source of insecurity for women and men alike. Feeling like you just can’t “fake ‘til you make it?” Check out our post about the source of the phenomenon and what you can do to ground yourself and grow into your new leadership role .

And check out our article, “A Woman in Tech Whose Passion is Empowering Others”. We profile the work and inspiration of Mexican-American Martha Hernandez. Ms. Hernandez is Co-Founder and CEO of madeBOS.com. As we write in the article:

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