A Woman in Tech Whose Passion is Empowering Others

Martha Hernandez – CEO of madeBOS.com

Martha Hernandez is a proud founder and CEO of madeBOS.com, an innovative AI-powered platform designed to provide smart career development solutions. Martha’s inspiring story is a great example of the importance of persistence and passion that women sometimes need to get ahead in a highly competitive sector.

She had a vision when she first started out: an idea for a platform that would help others achieve their full potential and seek new opportunities. Her commitment to helping others through madeBOS.com makes for a great story that inspires others.

A Humble Background

Martha Hernandez was a child of a field worker in a community that was not technologically equipped for personal growth and development. She was born in Oakland, CA, but she grew up in Chavinda, Michoacan, Mexico. Due to a significant lack of resources, Martha and her peers struggled to find career opportunities and realize their dreams. However, despite all the hardships she experienced on the path to entrepreneurship, she remained committed to making her vision come true.

Martha’s educational background starts with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Spanish Literature from Occidental College. She later became a graduate of Mills College Institute for Civic Leadership Program, as well as Management Leadership for Tomorrow, and Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs. On top of all that, Martha also studied AI Business Strategy at MIT.

A Vision Turned into Reality

Martha Hernandez made a bold move and quit her job as the Director of Talent Acquisition at Save Mart Supermarkets to invest all her time into madeBOS.com. The idea was to create a technology asset that would help people progress from low paying jobs to building a career around what they are passionate about. Eventually, the platform would contribute to people’s lives by helping them find a path of both personal and professional growth and development.

Without any money and jobless, Martha convinced Juventino Mejia Jr. to partner with her, as his 10+ years of experience as a former Apple engineer was exactly what she needed to push the project forward. Besides years of engineering for Apple, Juventino had worked at other Silicon Valley tech companies, including Inmobi and Demandbase.

Things started moving fast after Martha set up a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign quickly surpassed her fundraising goal by more than 200%. A total of 291 investors stood behind madeBOS.com. The majority of the investors were Latin American. The platform and the madeBOS team became an important part of the Mexican-American community.

After a long journey of small victories and challenging hardships, Martha turned her dream into a reality. Her team partnered with Tangelo, a venture studio and innovation lab located in Palo Alto. Tangelo helped incubate the development of the digital platform that forms the basis of madeBOS.com. Today, madeBOS.com provides customized solutions and recommendations for employees who are looking for the next step in their career. The platform uses AI technology to personalize career path solutions and help people find new opportunities to unlock their true potential.

A Leading Role in the Technology Sector

It is clear to see why Martha has become one of the most prominent female role models in the technology sector. Her platform continues to empower employees all over the world who are stuck working jobs that pay less than 15$ per hour. The CEO of Tangelo, Antonio Altamirano, had nothing but words of praise for Martha Hernandez. “We are thrilled to have Martha Hernandez as one of Tangelo’s partners,” he said. Her presence and drive match our values and she embodies hard work and high standards through her work. Martha is a trailblazer in her field and we are proud to be supporting her company’s growth.”

Martha’s story is a great example of how a vision combined with hard work and dedication can result in a success that extends beyond an individual to benefit an entire community.