Top 8 Apps for Workplace Diversity

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By EmployDiversity

In today’s global business landscape, diversity and inclusion are things that every company should be striving for. Many studies prove that diversity is a key contributor to employee engagement, creativity, and innovation. Organizations investing in diversity reap rewards in the form of increased employee satisfaction, improved recruitment and retention, and a better understanding of their customers. All of these factors drive bottom-line results.

To successfully create and maintain a diverse workforce requires a solid strategy and an ongoing commitment. Many companies rely on things like employee training and workplace policies to facilitate diversity, but some organizations have added something different to their diversity toolkit: diversity-tailored apps.

Let’s explore just a handful of the apps that are helping companies achieve their diversity goals:

  • Blendoor is an app that is trying to remove unconscious bias from the hiring process. The software anonymizes the candidates by removing identifying characteristics like names and photos. Blendoor can also assist companies in the recruitment process through machine learning and AI.

  • Door of Clubs is a campus recruiting platform that gives employers the ability to recruit from diverse student groups and clubs. Employers are able to tailor their search based on traditional identifiers like school, major, and location, as well as diversity characteristics like gender and minority groups.

  • Textio Hire helps employers analyze and improve their job postings. Looking at a job posting, Textio is able to predict the performance of postings and to make recommendations to improve the language. This includes identifying gender-biased language, which contributes to the imbalance of male to female applicants.

  • GapJumpers uses assessments and challenges to evaluate candidates based on their work performance. It removes unconscious bias in the candidate screening stage by eliminating the need for resumes. Candidates who are the most successful in completing the challenges are put forward to be reviewed by the hiring manager. GapJumpers boasts that they can increase diversity by 10% per quarter.

  • Joonko uses AI and machine learning technology to help companies promote diversity and inclusion. Using Jooko, companies can expect more minority applicants and hires, more qualified candidates per position, a faster time to fill vacant positions, and reduced recruitment costs.

  • Emerj focuses on helping women find mentors who can help them with workplace questions or challenges. Women can access the platform to connect with the community, find resources, or ask questions in a one-on-on chat. Emerj makes finding a female mentor easy by using filters like location, industry, and occupation.

  • TeamEQ helps companies improve the emotional intelligence of their workforce. With TeamEQ organizations can improve trust, motivation, commitment, and communication.

  • PowerToFly is a recruitment platform focused on connecting companies with women who are looking for employers who value diversity. The platform provides companies with access to a database of top female talent. The goal of the app is to help organizations reduce recruitment costs and tap into an underutilized pool of quality candidates.

Diversity, equality, and inclusiveness have become high priorities for many companies over the past year. A lack of diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace are the root of issues like harassment, turnover, and under performance.  For employers looking to double down on their investment in workplace diversity, these apps and software may be able to help give them a competitive edge.

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