Healthcare Providers with the Most Successful Diversity Programs 

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By EmployDiversity

Diversity within an organization doesn’t just happen naturally. It takes the strategic vision of company leadership and a commitment at every level of an organization. Creating a diverse organization means fostering an environment where employees are unconditionally accepted and included. It’s an environment where employees are treated equally, regardless of their race, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Any company that is considered a leader in workplace diversity has done it with intent and has systematically worked towards their diversity goals, likely over many years. One organization that understands the commitment needed to achieve workplace diversity is Atlantic Health System.


Atlantic Health System is recognized not only as a leader in health care, but it is also considered a best in class organization for workplace diversity. The organization has been named 11 times on Fortune's prestigious list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For”. Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list is based on thousands of responses from employees who are asked to rate their workplace culture on more than 50 elements. The survey results represent the experiences of all employees including women, visible minorities, LGBTQ individuals, and disabled employees.

Maintaining a commitment to diversity is no small feat when you have nearly 17,000 employees and 400 care sites. According to Nikki Sampler, SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer, it’s “the unique and individualized experiences…and culture of inclusion and respect” to which Atlantic Health System owes its success.

Atlantic Health System’s commitment to LGBTQ patients, in particular, has been celebrated and recognized by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation. Several of Atlantic Health System’s medical centres have been named as leaders in LGBTQ healthcare equality based on practices like equal visitation, patient and employment non-discrimination, and LGBTQ patient-centered care training.

This is How They Do It

To meet the diverse needs of its employees, Atlantic Health System has a very comprehensive and holistic benefits program. Not only does the organization offer full health coverage, but they have additional voluntary benefits including pet insurance, home and auto insurance, and legal services that employees can opt into. Atlantic Health System also has a wide variety of practices and policies to support its diverse workforce and patients, including:

  • Support for vulnerable populations in the form of support groups and educational programs

  • Visitation policies that are more inclusive of all visitors

  • Spiritual care that serves people of all different faiths

  • Translation of patient forms and records and advanced interpretation technologies

  • Meal service that includes different dietary needs and preferences

  • Free career development programs provided to all employees

  • Events to include and engage family members

As a leader in employment diversity, Atlantic Health System knows first-hand the benefits of an inclusive workplace. Unique ideas and backgrounds drive innovation and enhance an organization’s ability to recruit top talent. Atlantic Health System’s diversity practices have allowed the organization to become a leading health care provider and will continue to drive its success.

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